Goal Setting For Business

A goal achievement system for your team or clients

See the Big Picture

Quick, clear and at-a-glance view of goals of everyone on your team. See what they are working on, how much progress is being made and whether they are on track or fall behind. Review how they set up their goals and see the detailed milestones and deadlines.

Set Goals for Your Team

Create goals as manager, supervisor, coach or admin, and assign goals to users without accessing their own accounts. Modify and finetune their existing goals to make sure they are on track and progressing the way they are supposed to be.

Monitor Activities and Progress

All user activities are logged. Quick daily view of what is being accomplished, whether it's a task completed, habit kept, or progress made on goals. Convenient monthly reports on who has done what and when.

Customize with Your Own Branding

Customize the program with your own logo and company name to have a consistent branding and user interface for your team or clients. Provide a sub title such as your company slogan or mission statement for your team. Other customization schemes available on request.

Manage Users

Easily add people to your team. New users get invitation emails with login details. You can customize with your own welcoming message or further instructions. Batch adding users makes setting up your team even faster.

Simple Pricing Plan

No complicated pricing plans. Sign up for a master account on an annual plan, then simply add or remove users as needed. All additional users linked to your account are charged on a per user per month basis.

$68 per year
for a master account

$8 per month
for each user account

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