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General FAQs

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Q: How does GoalsOnTrack work and how can it help me?

Q: Is my information secure and confidential?

Q: Can I try your software for free?

Q: How does the goal progress tracking work?

Q: Where to find the built-in goal templates?

Q: Where to find the time trackers?

Q: How do I sync with my calendar tools such as Google Calendar, Outlook etc.?

Q: Do I have to keep my browser open all the time to use time trackers?

Q: Where do I download the eBooks included in my purchase?

Q: Why can't I open the bonus ebook files?

Q: Why is saving or reordering function not working sometimes?

Login, password, cancellation, etc.

Q: I tried to sign up, but my credit card kept getting rejected, why?

Q: I haven't received my login and password, where can I get it?

Q: How do I retrieve my forgotten password?

Q: How do I change my password?

Q: How to change my account email address?

Q: How do I cancel my account?