Goal Templates

Goal setting templates and sample action plans.

Work & Career Goals

People who are the most successful and satisfied in their careers have proactively determined what they want from work. Once they’ve decided on their goals, they make a plan to accomplish the goals. These templates can be adopted and converted directly into active goals and tasks for you to use in the program.

Start My Own Business

Want to be your own boss? The idea of starting your own business is appealing to a lot of people and it can be very rewarding. However, a lot of new businesses fail, due to lack of planning. This template will help you plan for a successful start on your entrepreneurship journey. It uses three phase planning process and is best suited for launching a new product or service business. You can customize and make necessary changes according to your own business plan.

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Get a Better Job

Everybody wants a career that's satisfying--but only a small fraction of people are actually happy at what they do. So, what's holding you back from getting the job you want? It's easier than you think to get a better job or career. This template offers some steps and tips on how to get a better job or career. Simply follow the action plan and add any necessary tasks that are relevant to your own situation.

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Start a Blog

Are you thinking of starting a blog to promote your business or profession, or do you just want to share your thoughts on a subject that you love? Blogging is either free or inexpensive, and you can get started in moments by creating a blog on a site like Blogger or WordPress. To develop your concept, launch your website and promote your writing, this template will show you what you need to get started.

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Close $1,000,000 in new business this year

Successful sales people record their progress toward each goal every day. The difference between top sales performers and the rest of the field is clear. Top performers have a plan to achieve their goals, and they act on that plan every day. This template will help you create a detailed action plan so that you will know what to do on a daily and weekly basis to achieve your sales goals.

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Get a promotion at work

Do you feel like you're stuck in your current job? Are you ready to move up? It's tough to climb the corporate ladder, but if you want a job that excites you and pays well, you'll likely have to make the climb at some point. Use this template to get started on a solid plan to move you in the right direction.

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Complete Client Projects On Time

If you have clients, you will probably deal with the reality that deadlines are going to be a part of your job. Completing projects on time not only keeps your clients happy but also makes your business more profitable. Use this sample template to organize all your clients projects and keep everything on track.

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